AS Chef Consultancy

My activity is based both in Italy and abroad.

It is addressed to Restaurants, Hotels, Patisseries, Trattorias and Wine Shops all around the world.
It aims to support new business and create strategies in order to make existing enterprises more competitive.
I train and update chef and dining room staff. 
I am a teacher at some Italian professional schools that train professional chef and cooking enthusiasts. I also develop their teaching plans.
I have been providing consultancy in some cities in the USA, such as San Francisco, Eugene and Kansas City, since 2000.
The main goal is to organize charity parties and cooking classes for chefs and individuals.

AS a Chef Consultant, I can offer the following services:

Study, planning and start-up of new restaurants

Restyling of already existing restaurants, both from the architectural side and the menu

On and off-site assistance to restaurants in the development of processes and protocols to ensure a distinct brand personality

Development of the menu with particular focus on food and wine pairing

Creating a menu with new combinations both for classic Italian cuisine and a more modern and creative one

Training in Italian advanced culinary techniques for professional chefs

– Training for dining room staff
- Italian cooking classes and creation of teaching plans for Italian professional cooking schools both in Italy and abroad

Corporate cooking lessons for team building activities

Support to catering agencies in order to create exclusive menu

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