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Elevating Culinary Artistry Worldwide with Italian Flair. Currently, I am in Cologne, Germany, where I work as an Italian chef for restaurants throughout the German territory.<br><br>About Me<br><br>They have always said this about me: I curate and produce culinary events, menus, and training programs that pave the way for personal and professional empowerment through the art of living well and exquisite cooking.<br><br>Consultancy Services<br><br>My work extends across Italy and internationally. I serve restaurants, hotels, patisseries, trattorias, and wine shops globally, supporting new ventures and enhancing the competitiveness of established enterprises. I train chefs and dining staff, and teach at Italian culinary schools, also developing their curricula. Since 2000, I have consulted in numerous cities, including Milano, San Francisco, New York, New Delhi,Kansas City, Berlin.. <br><br>I Offer the Following Services:<br><br>• Study, planning, and start-up of new restaurants<br>• Restyling of existing restaurants, both architecturally and menu-wise<br>• On-site and remote assistance to restaurants in developing processes and protocols to ensure a distinct brand personality<br>• Menu development with a particular focus on food and wine pairing<br>• Creating menus with innovative combinations for both classic Italian cuisine and a more modern, creative approach<br>• Training in advanced Italian culinary techniques for professional chefs<br>• Italian cooking classes and the creation of teaching plans for Italian professional cooking schools, both in Italy and abroad<br>• Corporate cooking lessons for team-building activities<br>• Support to catering agencies in creating exclusive menus


Personal Chef and Chef Consultant

I was born in Perugia and I achieved a Chef diploma after attending the “Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu” in Rome.

I work as a Personal Chef and Chef Consultant both in Italy and abroad.

I define myself a food shopper, enthusiastic and specialized in wine and food, constantly looking for high quality local ingredients. This activity, together with the habit of taking part in initiatives, fairs and food events, has allowed me to select excellent suppliers and raw materials. These important resources allow me to create exclusive recipes. At the same time, they can also be part of consultancy for restaurants and hotels. Weekly, I organize food market tours and cooking classes for foreigners who are passionate about Italian cuisine. These are not just cooking classes, they represent very special moments. They are an opportunity to socialize and share passion for cooking but also a moment to appreciate the exclusivity of some products and tell the origins of the recipes. Furthermore, I am a Chef for a known Supper Club in Milan, the biggest trend in Italy at the moment. As a Chef Consultant, my activity is addressed to both entrepreneurs, who wish to start an activity in the food business, and restaurants owners, in need of a strategic consultancy in order to renew their restaurants and/or their offer to clients. Moreover, I am a teacher and I develop teaching plans for some Italian professional schools that train professional chefs and cooking-enthusiasts both in Italy and abroad. 
I have been working as a consultant in several cities in the USA since 2000.

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