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Elevating Culinary Artistry Worldwide with Italian Flair. Currently, I am in Cologne, Germany, where I work as an Italian chef for restaurants throughout the German territory.<br><br>About Me<br><br>They have always said this about me: I curate and produce culinary events, menus, and training programs that pave the way for personal and professional empowerment through the art of living well and exquisite cooking.<br><br>Consultancy Services<br><br>My work extends across Italy and internationally. I serve restaurants, hotels, patisseries, trattorias, and wine shops globally, supporting new ventures and enhancing the competitiveness of established enterprises. I train chefs and dining staff, and teach at Italian culinary schools, also developing their curricula. Since 2000, I have consulted in numerous cities, including Milano, San Francisco, New York, New Delhi,Kansas City, Berlin.. <br><br>I Offer the Following Services:<br><br>• Study, planning, and start-up of new restaurants<br>• Restyling of existing restaurants, both architecturally and menu-wise<br>• On-site and remote assistance to restaurants in developing processes and protocols to ensure a distinct brand personality<br>• Menu development with a particular focus on food and wine pairing<br>• Creating menus with innovative combinations for both classic Italian cuisine and a more modern, creative approach<br>• Training in advanced Italian culinary techniques for professional chefs<br>• Italian cooking classes and the creation of teaching plans for Italian professional cooking schools, both in Italy and abroad<br>• Corporate cooking lessons for team-building activities<br>• Support to catering agencies in creating exclusive menus

Caprino alle erbe aromatiche con gocce di balsamico, pane umido e fragole

Ingredienti 6 pax

Per il caprino

300 g caprino

2 cucchiai di erbe aromatiche tritate finemente in pari quantità con:




2 cucchiai di olio extravergine di oliva

Pepe nero di mulinello


Aceto balsamico di Modena (io uso Reggianini Grappolo d’oro)

Per il crostino umido e fragole

6 fette di pane cotto a legna del giorno prima ( senza olio)

20 fragole mature ma compatte.


In una tazza amalgamate il caprino con le erbe, l’olio e il sale.

Con due cucchia formate delle quenelle e conservate in frigo.

Spruzzate acqua sulle fette di pane, fate cadere 6 gocce di balsamico su ognuna e lasciate all’aria per 5 minuti.

Tagliate le fragole in brunoise, conservate in una tazza aggiungendo 6 gocce di balsamico .

Per il servizio .

Nel piatto da portata adagiate la fetta di pane umido, ponete un cucchiaio di fragole al centro, un altro crostino, la quenelle di caprino decorando con un mazzetto di aromatiche a piacere o fragola.

Al momento del servizio fate cadere gocce di balsamico sul caprino e sul piatto per completare la decorazione.

ricette di Andrea Sposini
ricette di Andrea Sposini