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Elevating Culinary Artistry Worldwide with Italian Flair. Currently, I am in Cologne, Germany, where I work as an Italian chef for restaurants throughout the German territory.<br><br>About Me<br><br>They have always said this about me: I curate and produce culinary events, menus, and training programs that pave the way for personal and professional empowerment through the art of living well and exquisite cooking.<br><br>Consultancy Services<br><br>My work extends across Italy and internationally. I serve restaurants, hotels, patisseries, trattorias, and wine shops globally, supporting new ventures and enhancing the competitiveness of established enterprises. I train chefs and dining staff, and teach at Italian culinary schools, also developing their curricula. Since 2000, I have consulted in numerous cities, including Milano, San Francisco, New York, New Delhi,Kansas City, Berlin.. <br><br>I Offer the Following Services:<br><br>• Study, planning, and start-up of new restaurants<br>• Restyling of existing restaurants, both architecturally and menu-wise<br>• On-site and remote assistance to restaurants in developing processes and protocols to ensure a distinct brand personality<br>• Menu development with a particular focus on food and wine pairing<br>• Creating menus with innovative combinations for both classic Italian cuisine and a more modern, creative approach<br>• Training in advanced Italian culinary techniques for professional chefs<br>• Italian cooking classes and the creation of teaching plans for Italian professional cooking schools, both in Italy and abroad<br>• Corporate cooking lessons for team-building activities<br>• Support to catering agencies in creating exclusive menus

Portfolio Chef Andrea Sposini

Andrea Sposini Professional experience.

  • May 2020 – May 2021. Köln for Vetrina Toscana 
  • Dic 2019-I’m in Germany.
  • April 2019-Corporate consultancy and profitability, re-style gourmet design and food combinations for Mintgarden Cafe Milano 
  • Dic 2018 – Corporate Team Building in partnership with Studio Pirovano Monti  for team manager – SPARKASSE Bank, Bolzano Italy
  • Apr 2018- Istambul- Guest Chef for Papermoon Istambul
  • May 2017 – Zürich -Creation and Realization of Cooking Classes and private dinner for a
  • Sept 2016 Milano Corporate consultancy and profitability, public image study and new style gourmet design of the Valentino Vintage restaurant.
  • July 2016 Milano: Customized advice to update the image and the gastronomic offer of the bio pizza restaurant
  • May 2016 Private event and Teacher for Classic Italian Cooking Classes in Boston e New York US sponsored by
  • July 2015  Kaliningrad Russia.Private Chef for the president of Produkty Pitania Company, Mr. Stefano Vlahovic.
  • May 2015 – Cairo,Egypt, Consultant Chef for  start-up of the new italian/modern restaurant “Raffaello”
  • Oc.2015-  Chef consultant for Pasticceria Rovida Milano
  • Oct 2014 Teacher for Cooking Classes sponsored  by no lab academy Milano
  • Sept 2014 Chef consultant for Amarcord restaurant
  • Sept 2013 Guest Chef, private dinner, private classes and gala dinner at Quivira golf club Kansas City  for Cross-Lines’ 50th Anniversary Celebration
  • Jan 2013 to present -Creation and Realization of Cooking Classes and private dinner for a supper club Milano.
  • Feb 2012 Teacher for Classic Italian Cooking Classes sponsored by European Community
  • Jan 2011 Chef consultant for Caffè di Perugia restaurant/bar
  • Jan.2011 Teacher for the project “Education, Work, Training and Employment” by Studi Pirovano Consulting Milano.
  • Feb. 2010 Teacher for the project “Education, Work, Training and Employment” by Elfo, ENAIP Perugia.
  • Jan. 2010 Creation and Realization of Italian Cooking Classes for a in New York.
  • Oct. 2009 Teacher for Classic Italian Cooking Classes sponsored by European Community
  • Sept. 2008 – New Delhi, India, Consultant Chef for the start-up of the italian restaurant “CIBO”
  • December 2007 – ROME – guest chef on TV programme ‘La Domenica di Alice’ with Rossana Vaudetti showing on sky TV
  • November 2007 – KANSAS CITY, LAWRENCE –Television programme within Jayni’s Kitchen
  • Organization of events for fund raising purposes on behalf of Cross Line Foundation
  • August 2007 – AUSTRALIA – events, private lessons, ,participation in radio programme, guest chef for the opening of a new restaurant in Sydney in collaboration with Barbara Raffellini on behalf of Miraworld
  • November 2006 – PENNSYLVANIA – business consulting for coffee shop ‘Something Special’
  • May 2006—Corporate Team Building in partnership with Studio Pirovano and My Special Guest for top executives of prestigious French insurance and securities company, MADRID, Spain
  • May 2006—Customized culinary consulting for Something Special, PENNSYLVANIA-based bakery and cafè
  • Apr 2006—Customized culinary consulting creating specialized fillings for SEATTLE-based chocolatier, Fiori Chocolatiers
  • April 2006 – MILANO – Event at ‘Salone del Mobile’ in collaboration with Binova group
  • Jan 2005 to present—Creation and execution of the “Healthy Cooking” program for the exclusive Villa Monte Solare, Umbrian member of the Romantik Hotel Association
  • Jan 2005—Menu creation for gala dinners and special events PERUGIA, ITALY for Gastronomia Fratelli Gaggi, gourmet caterer and specialty store
  • Dec 2004—CHENNAI, India Invited by the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Tudernum winery to represent Umbrian cuisine at a one-week festival within the The Park Hotel
  • Sept 2004—Corporate Team Building in partnership with Studio Pirovano and My Special Guest for top executives of the Italian Stock Market, Perugia, ITALY
  • Feb 2004-Present—Culinary consultant for Vinolento Restaurant and Wine Bar in Castiglione del Lago, ITALY
  • Creation and execution of cooking courses as well as special event menus for the above-mentioned company
  • Dec 2003—BANGALORE, INDIA Invited by the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Tudernum winery to represent Umbrian cuisine at a one-week festival within the Oberoi Hotel
  • Nov 2003—BOMBAY, INDIA Invited by the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Tudernum winery to represent Umbrian food and wine during the Italian Festival
  • Oct 2003—SAN FRANCISCO: Italian and Umbrian cooking classes; Wild Oak Saddle wine dinner; inauguration dinner at the private residence of Joe Montana; cooking demonstrations and Junior Chef classes at the Full Circle Living School in Sebastopol
  • May 2003—Consulting related to the proper use of typical Umbrian products on behalf of the Coldiretti dell’Umbria; realization of dinner to launch the “Umbria Gusto e Colore” brand at the Food World Organization headquarters of the United Nations in Rome; planned and executed dinners and tastings showcasing typical Umbrian products at the “Tipico DOP Art” event at Todi, ITALY
  • Mar 2003—SONOMA COUTY: Private dinners and lessons at the Applewood Inn , wine tasting for the North Bay Italian Cultural Foundation at Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA ( )
  • Feb 2003—LOS ANGELES, Handmade pasta demostration at the Southern California School of Culinary Arts; private dinners and cooking lessons featuring Umbrian and Italian cuisine
  • Oct 2002—TEXAS mission – invitation from chain of hotels Omni Hotel to organise a week of dinners and lessons of umbrian and Italian cuisine – dinners and lessons were organised in the gourmet group Chaine des Rotisseurs and also in private residences
  • Oct 2002— KANSAS CITY, LAWRENCE –Television programme within Jayni’s Kitchen
  • Gen 2002—LONDON: dinners and private lessons
  • Mar 2001—SAN FRANCISCO: dinners and private lessons at Ca Bianca Ristorante, South Bay Italian Cultural Federation, Applewood Inn,and private residences
  • From 1999 till date–Management of menu and of culinary activities for guests of Tenuta di Canonica, in Todi – PERUGIA, ITALY – Tenuta is a typical Italian residence dating back to Roman and Medieval times
  • From 1998 till 2000–Management of cooking courses on behalf of Scuola Di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu Perugia, organising cooking courses for the comune of CITTà DI CASTELLO at Villa Montesca which is the site for the school in Città di Castello. Besides, cooking courses were organised in TERNI as well as courses and activities of formation and up-keep for restaurants and other tourism structuires.
  • From 1995 till 1998–Organisation of cooking lessons and relevant culinary activities on behalf of the foundation Gestione Cupido Sas del ristorante, both within the restaurant of the mentioned location as well as in other locations.


High School diploma with a concentration on Technical Studies
Training at the Scuola Di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu Di Roma
Foreign Languages
English BASIC
Computer Skills
MS Word
Other training
From 1989-1995: Goldman Cegos
Communication Level I
Public Communication Level II
Communication Level III
Communication Level V

Hobbies and Interests:

Strongly passionate about cuisine and its cultural and historical aspects, both theoretical and practical. Trained in restaurants in Italy and abroad as well as at the Rome-based Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu. Chosen by the latter to be an Instructor of the same. To this day, this passion has become the main activity.
Parachuting, literature, music, travel, art